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Ontario Network of Women in Engineering
They are very concerned about the low representation of women in its field. The female share of undergraduate enrolments peaked in 2001 (20.7%), falling thereafter to 17.5% in 2005. In absolute numbers, female enrolments peaked in 2002, falling thereafter. The female share is back to where it was in the early 1990’s. In other words, there has been virtually no sustained progress.

Canadian Electricity Association
“According to the 2004 Canadian Electricity Human Resource Sector study, women ... are currently underrepresented in the electricity sector. Women account for only 25.4% of all electricity employees and 6.1% of trade staff, engineers and managers/supervisors, which is well below the national average.”

Canadian Manufactures & Exporters
“We have a lot of do to market STEM-related programs and careers to students,” says Karen Oldfield, president and CEO of the Halifax Port Authority. “That goes for both girls and boys, but even more so for young women, because for some reason, we seem to have these little divisions engrained in our culture. We need to get past that.”

Construction Industry in Canada
“Several studies have reported that girls are systematically streamed away from science, trades and technology careers by the very educational pathways intended to expose them to opportunities in these sectors. Studies have found that gender stereotypes are reproduced in high schools in students’ interactions with teachers and career counsellors...”
“The State of Women in Construction in Canada”
by the Government of Canada’s Sector Council Program (February 2010)


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