Are you considering becoming a Donor/Partner and being part of the solution?

Click on the link FLiAP Donor Introduction, print off the PDF, write notes as you read, and then pick up the phone and call Margaret at 416-445-2478.

Donor Benefits

Business Sector

• Proactively guarantee their future leaders and workforce
• Are part of the solution in bringing more women into their business and benefiting from their unique abilities
• Build awareness of their existence with students, educators and parents
• Build awareness of their company’s culture, beliefs and support of women
• Excite the students, educators and parents about their business sector
• Clarify and demystify their profession as it is today, especially the misconceptions
• Are ahead of the curve when it comes to their ‘not so forward thinking’ competition
• Explain the skills and course pre-requisites needed e.g. advanced math
• Build positive relationships with the educators and the communities
• Showcase women leaders, mentors, employees...
• Build awareness of their corporate beliefs in the importance of girls as future leaders
• Prove the benefits their company has had by promoting women leadership
• Provide selfless assistance – “It’s about the girls!” Great PR
• Meaningfully demonstrate your commitment to girls and their future
• Help the girls develop confidence and passion
• Provide touch points with your company – links and direct
    • announcements in newsletters
    • grants/scholarships
    • part-time/summer jobs
    • mentors/speakers
    • contests, events, awards
    • participation in career fairs, trade shows...
• Be top of mind.
    • start awareness in elementary and secondary schools
    • follow/help through post-secondary school
    • ultimately lead them to their front door.
• Track their impact on the students and educators
    • increase in advance math applicants
    • number of schools contacting them for assistance
    • number of student participating in contests 
• Have exposure on the website to the educators and in the e-magazine to educators, students and parents
• Be corporately known for their beliefs and most importantly their actions.

Post-secondary institutions

• Many of the same benefits as the business sector
• Attracts students to their schools.


• Many of the same benefits as the business sector
• Fulfills their mandates, especially those of the Status of Women.


Donor Benefits

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Donor Benefits
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